Engage the unknown, the uncertain.

(not confirm the known)

Construct, Create.

(not brainstorm)

Thick data.

(not big, nor thin)

We are specialists in QUALITATIVE RESEARCH, in all shapes and forms. We run insight journeys GROUNDED in theory and proven success. We RESOLVE product design challenges, SHARPEN benefit articulation, DIRECT product communication. We are close to our research participants, HUMAN CENTRIC at all stages. We work face-to-face and through digital platforms. IMMERSION is what we find important. We DISCOVER, together, and ANALYSE, grounded in human understanding.


Bring the pulse of the future into action

Build superiority into the genes of your product design

Consolidate a product architecture that makes sense to your customers, supported with claims that drive conversion


Insight creation and development

We create inspirational insight journeys, grounded in theory and proven successful. We rewind existing knowledge, we dive deep in the worlds of consumers and professionals. We craft new concepts, with understanding of relevance, brand fit and product design

Next generation product design

We lay out the competitive landscape through analysis of existing designs and communication. We understand perceptions and benefits of current and prototype products. We optimise product and service designs with continuous feedback from users

Brand and product architectures, supported by impactful claims

We create internal alignment on user segmentation, product benefits and brand fit. We identify the key attributes your product or service must be superior at in order to beat competition. We create brand architecture and product design understanding that delivers superiority. We develop conversion strategies for each product segment, and translate those into claims that drive choice